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Do You Know? - Top Content Marketing Challenges

  • Consistent Content Creation: Publishing new created content daily is enough to burn out your marketing team, as well as a hole in your pocket, with a limited staff and budget. Marketers have a hard time balancing consistent production of fresh content with the resources they have at hand. Without consistent content production, your content can get buried under the thousands of articles written every day, where your readers may never see it.

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  • Limited Staff: Readers expect fresh, relevant content every day, but marketing professionals are tasked with other responsibilities. With a limited staff, it can be difficult for businesses to produce enough content to keep up with competitors. If your content can't keep up, your readers will go elsewhere for information.

  • Limited Budget: Outsourcing to freelancers or paying your staff overtime to create original content creates additional costs for marketers. Constantly researching and writing articles from scratch could break the bank for some businesses.